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ggplot from ŷhat



qplot(x, y=None, color=None, size=None, fill=None, data=None, geom=u'auto', stat=[], position=[],
      xlim=None, ylim=None, log=u'', main=None, xlab=None, ylab=u'', asp=None)


Name Description
xx values
yy values
colorcolor values
sizesize values
fillfill values
datadata frame to use for the plot
geomstring that specifies which type of plot to make
statspecifies which statistics to use
positionspecifies position adjustment to use
xlimlimits on x axis; i.e. (0, 10)
ylimlimits on y axis; i.e. (0, 10)
logwhich variables to log transform ("x", "y", or "xy")
maintitle for the plot
xlabtitle for the x axis
ylabtitle for the y axis
aspthe y/x aspect ratio


ggplot(aes('carat', 'price'), data=diamonds) + geom_point() + theme_bw()